My name is Javier Cervero, and I have been composing music for television, publicity, documentaries and exhibitions for 25 years. I accomplished my music studies at the Higher Conservatories of Oviedo and Madrid. After finishing these studies I put up opposition and after passing the exam I worked as a teacher at the Professional Conservatory of Nalon Valley for 20 years, where I combined my work activities with the management of an audiovisual company that I implemented in 1995.
The music that I write is specially designed for audiovisual and video games productions. Some of these compositions are melodic, but others lack of this feature because they have been designed as an accompaniment for sensations, activities or states of mind.
I use conventional musical instruments that belong to an orchestral scope. Some of them are electronic and recreate analogue and digital sounds that I really like to listen. I have a weakness for early and traditional European music, styles that I recorded and played for many years with some musical ensembles, so once in a while, I publish melodies based on medieval or Renaissance repertoires. I usually try to give them an appropriate processing without having historical aspirations, something essential for a proper working of audiovisual products.